Permata Hati: Khilfi

By: Jaz Lin

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Monday, 29-Jan-2007 00:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
10 Muharam 1428H

Last Family picchas I treasure so much...
Its been a year.

Macam baru semalam that I last hugged her.

Macam baru semalam she screamed at me for my stubborness..

Macam baru semalam I last kissed her...

It was like yesterday that she hugged me and cried with me during my upside down

It was like yesterday she hugged me when I got my degree and Master's scroll telling how proud she was at me..

It was like yesterday she hugged me and told me how proud she is to get another son when I got married.

It was like yesterday she said she is the happiest mum on the world upon seeing her grandson.

...and its endless....nothing beat her love and forgiveness..her strength and courage..her detemined behaviour and her patience.

I still feel and remember her last dish, the one that I ate the last morning I was at home. I can still feel it in my mouth. How great it was. How she told me she still wanna prepare it despite she's late to work. Mama, how i miss you so much..

I believe you r in a good hand are!

Al-Fatihah.... 10 Muharam 1427-10Muharam 1428H.

p/s: mak malas nak betulkan and edit gambar...lantak la

Wednesday, 17-Jan-2007 07:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Spiritual Journey

Teaser dulu ok...
*credit to zatul yg menggodek gambar sepantas kilat. Cayalah & for the first time, presenting Moyang efi aka my granddad who is on the wheelchair, 86 yrs old all sihat and strong. Syukur.

Thursday, 14-Dec-2006 07:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Khilfi's Whereabouts

View all 4 photos...
Efi had fun last weekend attending a friend birthday party. Here' a quick peek at what Efi has been doing whilst her mum is away for "haj".

Monday, 27-Nov-2006 13:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
So long..farewell

Salam sume readers and viewers of this fp yg baper kerat ajelah kan...

This is my last entry before leaving for my Hajj trip tomorrow. This fp will not be update until next yr prolly. Thus, i wanna take this opportunity to express and seek for forgiveness from everyone for any wrong doing. Maaf kalau ader tersalah kata tersilap bahasa ok.

Doakan perjalanan kami sekeluarga dan moga Efi will be okay being leave behind. Thrill sgt nih. Excited banget nak pi Haji tp at the same time risau sgt nak tinggal Efi..

Again, sorry for everything. I appreciate all the rememberance and well wishes. Tq U all salam.

Wednesday, 22-Nov-2006 01:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Old picchas make alive

Sorry yg amats, ramai ym and email bila nak update FP.. sorry banget...mmg bizi tahap cipan... buleh lagi senyum tuh..kekekeke

Anyway, nih pun tgh menggunung keje nak buat...lusa last day keje, then mama efi cuti lama. macam org nak pi pantang, tp bukan pantang pun.

This is what I wrote in my blog

Ok, some of u people might know or guess it right. Sorry anyway, coz this is not a secret mission. I purposedly slipped it off under the carpet for its too uncertain in the first place. We only got the confirmation last Monday. All these while its always standby. Yet, I did attend all the intensive course and all. Coming back, here I am now, Insya Allah, my dad, Ian, my grand pa and I will be leaving for our Hajj on the 28th November.

Yes, the Hajj. The ultimate journey. Lambaian Tuhan. He is calling us now. And we are insya allah answering it. I cant wait.

Efi will be left behind with hubby and my PIL. I am thrill and syukur kehendakNya. This is the trip my late mum has been planning. She got my sister and I register for the Hajj back in 2000, way before darling hubby and I even had marriage as the agenda. That's explain why hubby is not going. Anyway murah rezeki, once I get back here, I am registering my name again with hubby this time and the rest of my sibling. Insya allah. Moga Tuhan permudahkan segala urusan ku. Dan moga beroleh Haji Mabrur

Neways, doakan perjalan kami sekeluarga moga selamat pergi dan kembali. Dan moga kami beroleh Haji yg mabrur.

p/s: Gundah gulana nak tinggalkan Efi utk 45 days. Double gundah nak berjauh ngan papa efi juga..
p/s2: gambar waktu bulan poser. Efi having fun kat Little Buds Alamanda

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