Permata Hati: Khilfi

By: Jaz Lin

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Wednesday, 4-Apr-2007 00:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Faces of Efi

Sbb dah rasa bersalah dah lama tak update FP, this is the latest capture of my anak teruna. Dah besar kan???

Wednesday, 28-Mar-2007 01:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark

26-30th March: Taiping
30-1st Apr: Kuala Trengganu(yes, all glorious food)
1st-6th Apr: Kota Kinabalu
9-13th Apr: Jalan Gurney, KL
16-18th: CUT OVER for Tel*phony
23-25th: CUT OVER for D*ta
26-29th: Family trip to xxxx

Saturday, 3-Mar-2007 04:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Shangri-La Putrajay Rendevzous

katil yg comfy
efi terus hijack meja tulis, suke sgt
pintu slides yg terbuka trus ke bathroom n tub
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since we just a lazy bummer to stay put in the car crammed into a massive traffic congestion be it in the PLUS or any either trunk road in Malaysia, this venue sounds perfect for our weekend getaway in conjunction of Efi's turning 3. Mak mmg over, suke gi duduk hotel even dlm KL pun. Like what we did a week after I got back from Haj. On the way dlm tren balik rumah, I just stop at KLCC. Get hubby to pick me, and we went to Impiana KLCC, a throne away dr KLCC and check in. Balik rumah amik Efi and we are all set.

So Shangri-La Putrajaya is a great place to be with. Its very peaceful and very the scenic too. There's only 118 rooms and patrons mmg tak ramai sgt. So basically we have the hotel, pools, jacuzzi and what nod to ourself. Even the deluxe room is not as big as other standard hotels room, i definitely a sucker to it too. The bed, matress, quilt, blankets and pillow are to die for. They always set the standard very high. I 'heart' all the comfortness the bed had offered to me.

And from our bed, there's a special entrace slide door to the bath tub. U can practically jump into the tub easily from ur bed, but i would imagine a nangka busuk fall into it if i were to do so.

Too bad, spa is all FULL session but I make full use of the jacuzzi and sauna which are attached together at each changing room both men and women next to the pool side. And yes, we did berendam as if it ours in the pool the whole haldf day on Sunday. Only at 1pm we actually get out from the pool. All tanned la konon.

Overall it was a great weekend.

I hope our next hotel getaway wont be that long too wait , sbb makcik dah gatal satu badan nak meroyan kat swimming pool.

Thursday, 1-Mar-2007 03:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Khilfi 3rd Birthday part three

tilik pp jgn tak tilik
terus cergas tak tunggu dah
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Tahun nih, byk plan sgt. Jadi mmg takde plan utk party or what. Just a small simple families ajer. But tunggu ader rezeki kami jemput dtg rumah baru utk housewarming/doa selamat kire kaw-tim birthday efi sekali ok!

Neways, just not to dissapoint him, we still get a small token for Efi. Spent few moments kat Toys R Us nak cari suitable gifts and luckily we made a right choice. Efi secured a new doodle Pro from Fisher Price and also a train set from Tommy the Train. Nak plan beli extra railing tracks and train la to add to this collection. And sempat jugak efi cekau Ferrari kuning hot wheels tuh. freak sungguh ngan keter ok anak mak nih.. Tiap2 malam efi usung benda2 alah nih susun sebelah dier before tido..adoi bagak2 tuh lemas okeh!

But I know he is happy.

And a birthday dinner is a must. This time we go Thai at Tamarind Hill Ampang( Sedap and price dier aiyoooo enough buat mama and papa terbojol bijik mata. But takpela yg penting food dier best banget!

Next update: the weekend getaway!

Thursday, 1-Mar-2007 03:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Khilfi 3rd Birthday Part Deux

the cute mini cuppy from
happily looking at the cakes
ader 3 lilin utk 3 tahun
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Happy 3rd Birthday Khilfi!

Presenting a sweet mini cuppies from (sorry malas nak buat link!)

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