Permata Hati: Khilfi

By: Jaz Lin

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Sunday, 13-May-2007 01:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mothers Day

What a coincidence..

Dah 2 tahun mama efi rasa one kind whenever benda alah mothers day nih datang,.. yes its just a day tp well i feel the different.

And its not helping, its the 30th wedding annivessary supposed for arwah wan and aki efi.

As usual, early morning while bird a chirping happily, everyone from far can see a single red rose on arwah's new home right in front of the mosque. Aki always beat us for that.

Mama, u are always been missed.

p/s: Happy Mothers Day everyone.

tq everyone for the nice kind words....i am all biasalah kdg2 mmg dtg rasa emo..could not help it

Friday, 11-May-2007 02:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kemaman Hai Peng Kaya

Inspired dari Mummy Sara nak gi minumm kat hai Peng... Kami pun dah ber'Hai Ping"last week. Bezanya kat Puchong. Aki and KT Clan sampai KL sempena cuti pjg yg labour day. Jadi kami semua berkampung kat rumah arwah wan di Puchong. Aktiviti yg menarik, toast roti, buat kopi and sapu butter and kaya hai peng. heaven gila babs! Kami mmg sentiasa ader stok kaya Hai Peng. Aki setiap kali dtg KL mesti bawak stok utk kami. Sayang Aki!

p/s; pinggan makan pun ala2 kopitiam kan. Betul dak???

Monday, 30-Apr-2007 07:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jakarta and Bandung Trip (26-29th April 2007)

sila tonggengkan kepala anda
ready to go
the comfy bed
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Entry ini amat panjang dan telah di copy bulat2 dr bloggie mak di address

As I did blogged earlier, this trip was an impromtu. No details plan had been made. Hubby simply did all the booking and we were thinking of gambling our hearts out there. No expection, just do it. Yet, Munz came as a saviour by offering a great supir svcs. Thank Munz, we did a right choice by having one. So the whole shebang begins...

Day 1(26th Apr)
What a great start with a 2 hrs delay. Bengang banget makcik. Yet, after all the hassle of killing ourtime at nothing much LCCT airport, we arrived in Sukarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta with Sharul(guides) and Bubul(the supir) waiting for us. The flight was ok, Efi was ok all the way. Straight away heads to Alila. We really need to strengthen our back for a while. The hotel was great. The room was spacious and yes as usual I am all ok with its comfy pillow and mattress. Later the duo picked us up an hour after checked in and straight away heads to the nearest Sari Bundo for a melantak session of a good glorious nasi padang. We hardly can lift our body again.

Later, we head to Sarinah Plaza for a batik check out. What else, Elin & co did some shopping here. All those lovely silk ambroided are to die for. Mampusla, beraya sakan tahun nih. After batik fiesta, we hijack a Polo boutique. Bought few shirts and decide to give our first exrcise a break. We adjourned for a lil bit of city tour. We saw all those beautiful monuments, Monas Tower and seeing all the street singer at each trafic lights. Amazing. We settled for and early night. Tomorrow will be another long day.

Day 2(27th Apr)
Bandung here we come. Bandung is just about 2 hrs drive from Jakarta. We reached Bandung about 11am. It was very wet, and raining heavily. But this will not loosen my spirit. I am all geared up. We had an early lunch at the food court in Bandung Plaza or something, dont seems to get it right. I am just too busy concentrating on all those factory outlets(FO). We went from one FO to another. The good part is Efi fall into a deep sleep after lunch. So thats left both hubby and myself an ease to shop. He dun even wake up when we have to lift him from the stroller and put him back when we reach another outlets.

Since it was raining very bad, I dun even snap a single photos in Bandung. But my hands could not stop picking stuffs from the rack. Hubby is swamp with all his working clothes. Mmg syurga branded goods here. Even hubby agreed to come back next year. (Huzzah). Even with a ciput budget that we have, we managed to swap tonnes of goodies. It just too good to be true seeing many branded names on the rack. I got few bags(whats new huh?), lingerie(VS and what nod) and few bed linens from Laura Ashley. Seronok makcik. And also few stuffs for Efi for being very good. Luckily we only made a day trip here. Or else I will be broke to the last hole. We practically made our supir stop for a last FO at Rumah Model even it was very late already and very very wet. Luckily we did so. I got a nice tangerine colour pure silk blouse for only rm25. Reached Jakarta late night just on time to be the last customer for a Sundan dinner next to our hotel.

Day 3(28th April)
We started quite late. 11am. Just too tired. Lazying around in the room, finally appreciating the hotel. Anyway 1st stop is Tanah Abang, where u can get tonnes of fabrics and telekung over here. Damn, it was very cheap to get a very nice embroided telekung. Again, I falled into it. I even went oohs and aaahs seeing over the stacks of curtain fabric. They also have a counter set up to help u with sewing and measuring everything. Curlast. Next pit stop is Blok M. It is less modern than other mall in Jakarta but still very much alive. Had our lunch at the food court there and just spent few moments strolling the shops inside it.

One thing to note, the city is just very much congested. If u think KL traffic is bad, Jakarta is worst. It really takes our time very much to be trasported from one place to another. If u do not know the city, you will b easily paying a lot for taxi fares thats why we get a supir. It really helps. Another thing, it is very interesting to see the people and its fashion. According to the locals, Bandung is the most trendeous area. jakarta will be getting it trends within 1 month time. But KL city will only get most of it in 1 year time. Oh, no wonder.

Moving on, after our late lunch, we head to Senayan area. This place is just super duper nice. We spend the whole evening in Senayan. Plaza Senayan is the most stylish shopping center in Jakarta. I just love it. All the branded boutiques and what not. But nope, I did not buy anything here. But i just love it going inside out from LV, Aigner, Jimmy Choo, Dior, Miu Miu and u name it. They also have those Guess Kids, OKBG, Pumpkin Patch and what not. Except prices are somehow slightly expensive by 10% in Jkt compared to KL. From my observation all the later branded house esp those UK originated like M&S, Zara, TopShop, Next are selling things like 10-15% expensive than KL. But their range of products definitely worth to shout about.

Just right infront of this, Senayan City stood tall. It is named ‘Senayan City' Complex due to the presence of a Glimmering Shopping Mall, Multi-Purpose Complex Office Building, a luxurious apartment tower and a five-star boutique hotel. It has Debenhams, TopShops, Zara, Gap and many more. And ladies, before I go further, Jakarta is just heaven for those lvoely tunic and also gorgeous looking resemblance like Emilio Pucchi prints. Geram banget.

To close the day, we visited Plaza Indonesia. I like the way the entrance having rows of sofa for patrons to sit while waiting for a car to pick them up and Starbucks must be making tonnes of money as the smell of coffee brewing really caught everyone attention. At this place again, all those fashion houses are located. I skipped that and straight away enter my infamous Charles and Keith. Nothing much, just anoher pair of striking red open heel for moi. Yet, all shoes and bags are definitely more than the one in KK. Moi also went ballistic topping up my basic inner wear stuffs in Debenhams and as usual Liz Clairborne in Debenhams will give a good buy, so another handbag to add to my collection. We bought few Polo shirts for Efi and that somehow close the shopping stuffs. Had dinner at the food jucntion and close the day by packing up all the stuffs to ensure it fits our luggage. Thank God, I purposely bought an extra bags and pack light from home. Coming with 1 bag, going back with 3 bags.

Day 4(29th Apr)
Morning come. Feeling quite sad as we're leaving today. Spend the morning exploring the hotels and straight away to the airport. Finished up all rupiah at Batik Kris souvenir shop. Board the plane and straight away fallen asleep. Reached KL late noon, tired but happy.

Overall, I am one damn happy lady. Thank you sayang for making this trip happening. I know with our current limited budget, we can still make it for this. As he said, this is a combo celebration. My last 28th birthday and also our early annivessary celebration. It was great. I surely will come back to jakarta again for more fabric buying and definitely Bandung will be in our calendar of event next year.

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Jualan Murah Branded BOYS clothing

Osh Kosh Tshirt for 6yrs Old RM35
Oshkosh tshirts for 18-24mos RM30
Guess Onesie Unisex 24mos RM30
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Baju-baju nih semua BRAND NEW. Cuma ader certain tuh takde tag bagai sbb dah plan nak pakaikan utk Efi tapi he totally rejected it. So, i decided to sell it off. Bulehlah buat tampung2 belanja2 makan minum nak berjalan next week.

All item will be send via pos laju RM5 ONLY. Kalau beli more than 1 item, cuma add RM2 for additional item.

[1] Oshkosh Tshirt for 6yrs Old. Beli dr Houston Texas, label ader lagi RM35.00 Reserve

[2] Oshkosh tshirts for 18-24mos RM30 beli dr Houston Texas no labels RM30.00 SOLD

[3] Guess onesie unisex for 24mos dr Guess boutique in KL RM30.00 Reserve

[4] Ralph Lauren Long Sleeves for 24-36mos dr Bandung, Indonesia RM30.00 Reserve

[5] Mothercare LS written on top "Little Dribbler top fotballer" dr MC Outlet in London 18-24mos RM25SOLD

[6] Mothercare LS written on top "Have u seen a spider close up" dr MC Outlet in London 18-24mos RM25 Reserve

[7] Jersey Celtic dr Nike for 3-4yrs Original dr UK jugaaaa RM70

So if u are interested, just leave ur comment here and I will rsvp it for u.

Monday, 16-Apr-2007 00:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Efi demam panas. (takde gambar pun, mama dah x ingat kamera duk mana). Haru biru kejap. The Big Gathering pun missed. Frust betul!!

Anyway ari nih cut over project. Mama's bread and butter sejak kat company nih. hope all goes well.

p/s: Mama nak buat jualan lelong barang2 budak lelaki. Byk brg efi yg tak terpakai pun, so nak let go..all brand new. TUNGGGUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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