Permata Hati: Khilfi

By: Jaz Lin

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Thursday, 31-May-2007 02:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cuti-Cuti Oz Part 2

surfers paradise
tugu kejadah benda ntah poser ajerrr
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Day 3 continued. Our band new spanking day in down under. We left the house early ard 8am heading direct to Gold Coast, about 40 minutes drive from Brisbane City. Its end of Autumn and going to be Winter in 2 days time. Weather is just fine, its cool breezy air. I like this kind of weather. Efi so far doing ok, lil bit jet lag, Brisbane is only 2 hrs ahead of KL. We packed sandwiches and fried mee from home and tonnes of biscuits, muffins and mineral water. Nih, kes senang tak yah cari halal shop and stop for whatever. Its all ready.

So we arrived in Gold Coast ard 830am. Just circled around the town. Papa and Nazif were quite familiar with the area. We pass through the marina, sea world and other prominent building there. We have 2 lil children, my sister Eti and Nazif's niece who already cant wait to enter all the theme park. And my lil son who really dun understand anything but upon seeing all the games structure getting pretty nervous and excited.

Since all theme park opens at 10am, we headed direct to the beach. Not your usual beach, its the Surfer's Paradise. Well, obviously no surfing has been done but we have been taking tonnes of picture. Not forgetting going ohh and ahhs over everything. Jakun sehh! We even managed to do our first purchase at the souvenir shops there, nothinng much except your usual fridge magnet and koala kitchen. One thing the local are just very laid back and its all very colourful here. I like it. Point to note, check out the gorgeous sexy Parking Mate here. You will be amazed (picture of this will be uploaded in my FP )

After everyone settled for the loo and what nod, we headed direct to the first pack, the Warner Bros Movie World. Facts: Ticket will cost you AUD64 for adults and AUD42 for children (4-13yrs) but you can purchase a package to visit 3 parks in 3 days which the rates are quite attractive. Refer to the above link to get more info on it. This place is super duper extremely FUN. There is tonnes of rides and show to watch.My personal favourite would be the Shrek 4D animation and also Police Academy Stunt. I went back to my lil old kid by getting on all cute lil rides with Efi at Looney Tunes Village. My mentel sisters get on all roller coaster which I am so chicken out to try. Nah, ev er since I got married I kind of DONE with roller coaster.

To my suprise WBMW provides a very nice and clean prayer area for Muslim. They even have a halal restaurant for Muslim, but we did not buy anything. We had our lunch by the bench nearby the parade area walloping our bekal. Efi is having so much fun dancing to the music seeing the parade. He is over obsess with Daffy Duck of all, and happy cheering upon seeing looney tunes. Its very FUN. I was enjoying every single bits of it. We spend 7 hrs in it and still feel like coming back to it again.
The souvenir shops are everywhere. Here is how it works. The park has rides for those thrilling movie like Batman, Leathal Weapon rides, Looney Tunes Ride. It houses row of shops and theme like house for each movie from all the cartoon characters, Shrek, Harry Potter, batman and even High 5 plus Scooby Doo. At each of this small outlets there will be a shops selling merchandise and everything. Just give them the money and u r done. I bought a few knick knacks for souvenir and remembrance.

Until about 5pm, we are all dead tired and hungry. We wrapped up the day by riding one last ride at riverside for some water splashing and left WBMW ard 5+ and reached home all dark at 6pm with hot rice waiting. Thannx to nazif's mum who has been a devoted cook for us while we were in Brisbane.

End of Day 3. Next one......

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Cuti-Cuti Oz Part 1

at KLIA still mcm control macho gitu ngantuks
tuptup kena duk brunei..layan jelah
ikn the coaster to Orchid Garden Hotel
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So, to start with, it was all rushing here and there. I just move into the new house and having a sort of small family gathering the night before. Could not stop worrying about travelling sans hubby and limited budget. Even I am fully equipped with CC from hubby but its not very wise to blow it out what with our recent impending shopping fiesta in Jakarta and Bandung and moving to a new house which already cost all our arms and legs.

But true enuff, Day 1 started. (May 29th, 2007). Boarded flight at 745am from KLIA and reach Brunei at 945am. Supposed to take the 1115 connecting flight to Brisbane. Imagine our shocked when we reached the transit counter, the flight has been cancelled. Damn! All 140+ of us were now stranded in Brunei airport. They put us on the next flight only the next morning at 8am. Damn again. They shifted us to Orchid Garden Hotel via coaches. Our family got an impressive 5 rooms with lunch, dinner and breakfast voucher at the hotels. So, we are now stranded tourists en route brisbane in brunei. They even provide a 1/2 day city tour commencing at 230pm.

In a true tourist spirit, we indulge in it. Had our lunch and resfresher. Walloping at the buffet lines and Efi has been an angel so far. Come 230pm, we board the bus, and started Jalan-jalan Brunei. We visited the Brunei Museum, Water Village, Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, Jame'Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque and also the Sultan Palace. Wow, the Sultan Palace-Istana Nurul Iman is very huge and its equipped with more than 1500 rooms and all gold plated stuffs even the water tap. It has 3 floors of basement car park containing more than 300 cars mostly Rolls Royce. (uikhs, tak pasal2 mcm jurucakap istana). After all the photo snapping at all these places, we went to Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex, the largest shopping mall in Brunei. No, shopping has been done. I am good girl! End of the day, pusing satu city lagi, and then back to the hotel, had early dinner and settle for the bed very early. Even Efi settled for the night very early.

Day 2, 30th May the moment has arrived. We wake up super duper early. Breakfast is served at 5am. The whole clan was down at 530am, complete with all luggage and my lil son also managed to get some mee goreng to alas perut. We boarded the flight on time and Efi sleep within split second for a straight 3 hours leaving me a peace of mind to nap and enjoy the in flight movie-Music and Lyrics. Not so bad. After 6 gruelling hours, we reached Brisbane airport all tired, hungry but beaming with joy around maghrib time, close to 6pm. We got thru imigration and customs with an ease even with tad bit of drama cause my sister, Ita's visa is questionable. Chait, its all due to the wrong birth date. Damn, they fixed it on the spot and we r free to go. Abang Ju and Kak Aisyah waited for us at the arrival hall and we sorted our car rental terms. Got a brand new Toyota Taranggo cum Estima with car seat for efi for all of us. Reached home and all jakun-ed coz finally we are in Oz soil.

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Cuti dr fotopages dr 25th May hingga 6th June 2007.

We are going to be in Brisbane dan kawasan yg sewaktu dengannya diwaktu hiatus nih. Jumpa lagi nanti yerr!!

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Pre Annivessary Makan-makan

cauliflower and shitake mushroom with chicken
bean curd with chicken and ntah kejadah benda ntah
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Kami mmg enjoice makan tahap kritikal. Slps mama berjaya tidak meroyan, papa terus ajak masuk Chakri. Efi kena tinggal kat Nursery. Kami melantak time lunch hour tadi. Malam esok Efi ikut ok join the whole shebang ok...

p/s: Jue aku dah update tajuk makanan..cuma satu yg dlm bowl kecik ittew tomyam clear soup with udang yug hebat tahap meroyan

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